terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011


she didn't know nothing about what was happening, and that what was happened before.
she couldn't move her body, only her eyes; she gave a stony stare.
her thought was so far from the reality that I can't even explain. in her mind's corners, the shadows were so many that looked like she'd never see the sunset or just the sunrise again.
finally, she sat down on the street pavement and she put her elbows above her knees, and at the same time, her face above her hands. a tear fell down.
she was very mad because she hated that melancholic life, that she had taken, that had consumed her soul.
she was lost. she was empty. she was hurt. she couldn't feel anything: no feelings, no seansantions, no regreats.
she just have lost her coherence. she just have lost her coherent thoughts in her disturbed mind, she just have an empty soul with no kind of a sentimental vibrations, nothing.
she had became a stone.
the time flew, and she realized that she was missed her life. the reason that it was happened was just because she hadn't forgotten her past. for her, past and presente, were the same thing. there was no barrier between them.

now, she hopes a new and better life. a life with bold feelings, with joy, with inner peace; with no routines, with no nostalic afternoons, with no sad songs, with no deep fellings.
she gave opportunity a new relashionship. she hopes it works! at the beginning, she wasn't very excited, because she was haunted by her mind's shadows of her past.
but now, she doesn't know what she gonna do, and even what is supose to do. she only knows one thing, just one simple thing: she won't push down her hope, just because (again). because her fear of being hurt, and commit the same mistakes that she commited in the past. but, contradictorily she thinks that this relashionship will be good because will build a lot of things and at the same time, will heal her scars.